3 things you learn from MuayThai.


The smiling people, the tasty & healthy food, the awesome weather…
…and their MUAY THAI GYMS !!!

The first time I trained in Thailand was in 2014.
My first experience holding a camera, too.

The 3 THINGS I’ve learned from the Thais while training with them:

1. Their „Giving all you’ve got“ – SPIRIT.

When you see the Thais hitting the pads, you realize: It’s all or nothing for them.
They do not train halfheartedly.
They push themselves & their training partners to the limits. Each and every training!

2. Their KINDNESS.

They may shout at you, they may laugh at you, they may play around with you.
But one thing is for sure: They are always kind & respectful.
I haven’t seen one Thai, who wasn’t.

3. Their „Embrace-the-Pain-with-a-smile“ – ATTITUDE

During padwork, one of the trainers (Jack) was yelling at me: „3 MORE KICKS !!!“
After I threw my second kick, he was – by mistake – pulling away the pads, he held for me.
I hit him directly on his cheek with my shin (THAT MUST HAVE HURT!!!).
I was like : „Oh my GOD, i’m SORRY, are you ok ?!?!“ …and he was like : „Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, go go“
…while shaking his head a few times and smiling…

This MuayThai-experience changed my perception of training

I have seen what „hard training“ really means
I have seen that a strong body & mind can go along with being super-kind.
I have seen that once you accept the pain and smile at it, both training & life get easier.

Enjoy the Lamai Muay Thai Motivational Clip

Watch the intensive training of Muay Thai fighters (Nak Muay) from Thailand and foreign countries at the Lamai Muay Thai Camp – Koh Samui preparing for their fight-night at the Phetchbuncha Samui Stadium at the 4th of December 2014.


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